Subic Bay Children’s Home

Teddy FulferSubic Bay Children’s Home is providing a home to destitute, unwanted, unloved, troubled boys and girls in the Philippines.  The Home is providing the children with a Christian home, love, understanding and Christian guidance.  Subic Bay Children’s Home is a ministry of Subic Bay Baptist Church.

Subic Bay Children’s Home was founded by Teddy Fulfer in 1990. Brother Fulfer served 12 years in the US Marine Corps. While serving his country, he was stationed in the Philippines where he met his wife, Ligaya. Today they have seven children. While in the Philippines Brother Fulfer was deeply troubled with the conditions he saw surrounding the US Navy Base, Subic Bay. The large number of prostitutes and young servicemen had produced a large number of illegitimate children.

In 1984, Brother Fulfer resigned from the Marine Corps and returned to the Philippines with his family as a missionary and started a church among the nationals.

You can learn more about Subic Bay Childrens Home on their facebook page or on their website.