Agape vs Phileo Test

Are Agape and Phileo really two different kinds of love?

The scholarly Greek teachers suggest that we are handicapped in understanding our King James Bible as we are stuck with a mere English translation. The reason being is that we have only one word for ‘love’ but the Greek has two – ‘agape’ (deep intimate selfless love) and ‘phileo’ (a friendly casual love).

For example, you may have friends and family you really love and know well (deep intimate selfless love), and there are many things you would do for them.  Then there are others you don’t know too well (a friendly casual love) but you would shake their hand when you see them.

Have you heard this teaching before? Do you agree that your King James Bible is inadequate in it’s wording or that it lacks the deeper meanings found in Greek? If so, then we challenge you to take this test arranged by Dr. Sam Gipp. But we feel it only right to give you fair warning – no one has ever passed this test.  Will you be the first?

The content of this test is taken directly from the word of God (our final authority in all matters of faith and practice) so that you can positively decide if this teaching matches scripture or is nothing more than scholarly nonsense.  The proof will come from the very statements of Jesus Christ, Paul, Peter and John. But they are not the final witnesses. The final and most weighty argument will be waged by YOU!

IF you have the courage and IF you can be honest with God and yourself, feel free to take the test below.


  1. Read each Bible verse.
  2. Following the Greek scholars definitions and decide if Agape or Phileo is the correct Greek word for ‘love’ based on the context of the verse.
  3. Click “Finish Quiz” after you’ve answered every question and wait for your results.


  • AGAPE love: Deep, intimate, reverential, selfless love.
  • PHILEO love: Casual, “friendly” love, brotherly love


Agape vs Phileo Test