Project Japan

MissionaryJonathan Marks family Jonathan Marks, “As much as I admire the Japanese culture my heart breaks every time I consider the facts about these amazing people. They may have a low crime rate, clean streets, advanced technology, and a unique culture but the truth is they are a very needy people with no knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Over 99% of all Japanese are lost!  99% out of 127 million, LOST!”

“This is a fact I just can’t ignore!  As I study their culture, religion, way of living, their great accomplishments, their extreme independence, I can’t help but pray and beg the God of Heaven to somehow break through all of that clutter and use me to show them the truth of the gospel.  I am praying others would see the great need there as well and join with us as we take them the truth found in God’s word.  I want the Japanese to see the truth of their lost condition and eternal destination without Christ.  I want to see them turn from their sin to a loving and forgiving Savior who will change their lives just as He did mine several years ago.  There is hope for Japan and that hope is only found in Christ.”

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