Bearing Precious Seed Global

Steve ZeinnerAlthough, the gospel has made significant and amazing progress, there are still over 6000 unreached people groups in the world. Over 3 billion people live in unreached people groups. Over 2700 languages still do not have any part of the Bible. Over 600 million Muslims, Budhists, Hindus, and Animists do not even have a missionary among them. BPSGlobal has a vision to put the Word of God into these Bible-less languages and to improve translations in other languages.

The goals of BPSGlobal are to increase the number of Received Text based translations of the Word of God, to have those translations printed globally in the best way available, and to advance church planting and translating among unreached people groups. Before the Lord Jesus returned to heaven, he gave us the Great Commission. He told us to go and preach the gospel to every nation. So often we misunderstand what He meant by “nation.” Biblical “nations” are not political countries. They are ethnic/linguistic people groups.

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