Awana Program

The purpose of Awana is to help parents and churches raise children to know, love, and serve Christ. This program is a fun, exciting time filled with games, activities, Scripture memorization, and Bible lessons. Awana is broken down into three main segments:

  • Game Time
  • Handbook Time
  • Counsel Time

Game Time consists of exciting and fun games played around a game circle that is unique to the Awana club. These games are geared for every age group and every child regardless of individual athletic ability. Everyone can enjoy Game Time at Awana!

During Handbook Time, each child will have the opportunity to memorize verses from the Bible and go through a book filled with adventure and activities. The club will be divided into smaller groups that will give each child a more personal atmosphere with their leader to help them work through their book faster. As each child works through their books, they will be given prizes and awards for their accomplishments.

Large Group Time is a special time where the club will come together and sing songs, enjoy a skit, and listen to a Bible lesson.

We are very excited about this Awana year.  If you would more information about Awana, please contact us.